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5 Awesome things about Avengers: Infinity War


5 Awesome things about Avengers: Infinity War


Finally, after 18 movies, Star Wars has finally reached its zenith. The Emperor has finally revealed himself.

Oh! Wait. Wrong movie. I mean this evil guy has finally revealed himself:

Here are – with SPOILERS – 5 Awesome things about Avengers Infinity War.


1. Thanos is truly a terrifying villain

Comics villains are difficult to present on the screen. The over-the-top, crazy and megalomaniac villains make it difficult to give them grounding. However, we still have fantastic villains on the screen like the Joker and the Purple Man. But by and large, it’s difficult to portray villains who want to destroy the world or the universe. Why? Because their reasons seem un-relatable and absurd to us. DC’s Stephen Wolf is a perfect example.

Generic villain with over-the-top plan to destroy the world.

There are two awesome things about Thanos that makes him an exceptional villain and easily the best one in MCU.

  • We understand why he wants to kill half the world. Unlike other villains, he does not want to destroy everyone. He wants to destroy only half. Infinity War spends considerable time explaining the why. Disagree or agree – you will understand the reasoning enough to say it’s not complete horseshit.
  • He does not hate the heroes. Thanos does not hate the heroes; rather he admires them, he respects them, and more than anything – he understands them. Show me a villain who speaks to the heroes with such care. At every turn the heroes put up obstacles and at every turn, he tells them – “To feel so desperately that you are right, yet to fail”. Thanos doesn’t hate the heroes for trying to stop him.


2. Over 70 Marvel characters

After watching Infinity War, I can clearly say that this is the closest that a Marvel movie has come to recreating a comic’s convoluted storylines. As much as this is an Avenger’s story, it is also a story of Iron Man, Cap, Vision, Hulk, Thanos, Thor, Peter Quill, Gamora and more.

The movie just drops in characters and expects viewers to know what’s happening. From here, Marvel movies are only going to get more convoluted. It is only a matter of time before the MCU turns into a clusterfuck that comics are – with time travel, parallel universe, illogical power logic and more.


3. A different way to tell a story

The MCU has created a new format to tell a story. Normally, to showcase a long story, you had two options – create a TV series or a movie trilogy. MCU has shown there is another way. It took 18 movies to reach Avengers Infinity War – and because of that, characters just flit in and out of scenes. There’s no need to introduce anyone. There is no character arc – because there is no single protagonist. And, this isn’t your clear-cut story with a start, middle and end.

Yet, Infinity War works.


4. Epic fight sequences

All the fight sequences in Avengers Infinity War have one sole purpose – to show how powerful the Marvel Heroes are. Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Strange unleash so much power it’s scary. The battles in Infinity War are on another level in comparison to Civil War. Why? Because this is a war to stop the half the Universe from dying.


5. “Snap” – He did it.

Marvel effing did it. I didn’t think they would – but true to the comics – Thanos snapped his fingers and killed half the universe. Marvel movies have always been about fun. I knew the Avengers were going to lose – that was a given – but whether the snap would actually happen or not – I wasn’t sure.

And then it happened. In the last 10 minutes of the movie, Marvel went darker than even DC. Furthermore, MCU didn’t over-dramatise the death of half the universe. They showed it just exactly how people would see their friend and family disappear into dust.

There are tons of things to love in Avengers Infinity War – but if we had to pick 5 awesome things about the movie – then these would be it. This movie packs plenty of things to love. The only thing to say is that Marvel has truly outdone themselves.



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