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Calling the Love Operator

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Calling the Love Operator

Operator Review


The Operator is a high-class kick-ass action movie, with fire, bullets, and let’s not forget gun-blazing fiery action that will set your adrenaline racing, while kicking-down doors and kicking-down bad guys, and maybe even defeating ISIS!!!!!!!!!! BANG! BANG!


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Is the Operator about a socially crippled man who builds a customer service AI with his wife’s voice and falls in love with the AI. Think of  the movie Her, kinda of Her, but not like Her  – coz He. Is. the. Operator! BANG! BANG! *mimicking gunshots*

Okay. Enough of the confusion. Her is about – I mean The Operator is the guy who builds a customer service AI. That’s the movie I am reviewing today, hopefully.

Directed by unknown Logan Kibens, and starring unknowns, Martin Starr and Mae Whitman, this is a movie I can’t recommend, but you may want to watch. Should you watch it? How am I supposed to know!


The Operator is about a socially crippled man who… WAIT. I already covered this bit! When our protagonist, Joe Larsen, is forced to make a customer service AI for a client within a week, he sets out on a quest to find a perfect voice and picks his wife, Emily, who works as a hotel receptionist.

The Simplicity

The Operator is a simple movie and that makes it believable. Look around at all the customer AI Operators we have – Siri, Cortan aand Alexa. They are becoming more and more capable. The concepts of the Operator are within the realm of possibility and that’s the wonder that holds the viewer – that such a thing is possible, that such a love is possible. What exactly am I talking about?


Or, only those who dare to love…

Or, so something like that. Something, something.

The Characters

A little about the characters.


Joe Larsen Emily
  • Socially inept
  • Normal person
  • Needs Emily’s support
  • Independent
  • Can’t stand his mother, but seems to love her
  • Wants her life to bloom and wishes to become an actor
  • Can’t stand other people
  • Has great empathy
  • AI programmer
  • Hotel receptionist, part-time actor


The Operator essentially revolves around these two characters.

Evolution of Love

Ah, yes, the Operator deals with one of the greatest questions of life – Love. Have no doubt, this is where the movie shines. Even as socially inept as Joe is, he needs Emily’s love to thrive.

However, love does not come free. What happens if the person you love evolves into something else? This is what happened to Emily. To become a part-time actor, she went out of her comfort zone and she evolved to be something more. Joe was not comfortable with something new.

And this is where the brilliance of The Operator shines. In so many relationships, one person changes or evolves. Relationships fall apart, break or the love between the people evolve. Even though the Operator seems focused on the AI aspect – this is what the Operator is truly about. It’s also like that one that time I fell in love with Rapunzel, but it was actually Ariel whom I loved. Bottomline: Love can be confusing.

Being Driven

Maybe because I am a working professional, but this point seemed to get to me. In this life, we all chose our poison. It could be work, acting, or programming. Work feeds us, work keeps us occupied and focused and productive to society.

Work takes a big chunk of our time and we fail to nurture the relationships that are closest to us. That’s exactly what happens in the Operator. Joe gets completely involved in his job of building the AI, Emily is more and more focused on her acting…

…Being driven is good, but is it good for a relationship? It’s simply another interesting question that adds to the boiling pot in the Operator.

Moving on to someone else

When someone changes, they don’t have time for you, or you wake up someday and realise “This is not the Emily I want?” – WHAT DO YOU DO? That’s the turning point for the Operator.

Joe tries replacing Emily with the AI Emily. And here’s where the Operator offers an interesting concept. The more you are with a person, the more you discover that the person is ‘not who you thought he/she was.

Would you accept the person and grow?

Or, would you be willing to replace that person with something or someone who conforms to your original idea of who that person is?

AI replacement

Maybe one day I can have a girlfriend that’s an AI, but until that happens… it’s okay.

Back to topic – We are already dabbling with concepts of uploading the human consciousness on computers and stuff like that –

  • But can an AI truly replace someone we love?
  • Is an AI even capable of receiving love and returning it?
  • Can an AI love and can that be the cure to loneliness?
  • Can an AI be as smart, witty and loving as a human being?

Sure, sure, I know that “Her” has also touched on these topics, but the Operator explores these questions in its own fashion. Her is completely focused on how a human interacts with an AI lover. What Her does not show is how the main character isolates himself from others and eliminates the possibility of real people loving him. That’s what the Operator has.

Dependent on Someone

You don’t find a lover out of the blue. You find someone when you invest your time in them. So, when you “break-up” with the person, do you truly break-up with them, or are you just taking a break? Have you become so dependent on them that you will come crawling back?

As with any good movie, The Operator does not offer any clear answers. It only tells us what Joe Larsen and Emily would do.


Okay. Okay.

It’s really awesome that you’ve stuck out till the end of the review!!!!

However, the question still remains – Should you or should you not watch the movie???

How. The. Heck – AM I supposed to KNOW!

The Operator is not one of the movies that will wow you, or make you jump up or make your crawl onto your bed and cry out of loneliness or you know, whatever, whatever.

It’s a simple movie with a simple concept that leaves you with a simple feeling. But, if you dig a little deeper, the Operator is getting somewhere – you just have to look closer. It’s not a perfect movie or perfect script by any means as it suffers from poor supporting characters, and could have better plot pacing and so on. But, the acting of Joe Larsen and Emily is fantastic and holds the movie. And, most importantly, the concepts and the questions of the Operator hold weight.

And, if you’re not willing to dig below the surface, well then just enjoy the damn AI concepts and be happy.  



Why is that my name? I am a confused guy… so…. Does it have anything to do with the philosopher Confucius? Sort of… kind of.. if that’s what you think, then good. Sooo. … howdy, or hello or cheerio… I DON’T KNOW take your pick, it’s difficult to greet a person. Burger or cheese burger, cheese cake or vanilla cake. How should I know which one is better? Wait. Damn it. Movie monks, movie site, movie time.

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