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Star Wars: The Deja Vu Menace


Star Wars: The Deja Vu Menace


The Star Wars Franchise has had 3… plus another 3… which makes 6, and add another 1 – and that makes… 7. Crap. Let me start again.

The Star Wars Franchise has had 7 movies. Across 7 movies, there are certain elements that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. These are elements that we keep seeing over and over – again and again – in the series and love it or hate it, these story tropes are a part of the Star Wars world. So, what are they? Let’s get right to it.

Sliced, Diced and Chopped Limbs

Star Wars Luke Skywalker


“Ahhhhh! I lost my hand!”

No movie series loses hands and limbs like this one. In total across 6 movies, there are 15 hands and legs that “go missing”. For the most part, characters lose limbs for two reasons. One is character development. When Anakin and Luke lose their hands, their character changes and they either go to the light or dark side. Second, you lose limbs, you die – case in point – Mace Windu and Count Dooku.

In George Lucas’s words: “That’s what happens when you play with swords”.

So kids, don’t play with lightsabers – unless you’re a Jedi/Sith.

PS: For better, or worse, there is no sliced arms or legs in the Force Awakens.

The Death Star – Again and Again

Star Wars Death Star


Ooooooo… scary!

From time beginning there have been doomsday devices that the antagonist of the story has. The Star Wars universe took the idea and voila – the Death Star.

The Death Star has been an iconic device in the Star Wars universe. From the moment it appeared, the Death Star set the stage for the world-ending device to appear again and again in the series. When the Death Star was first destroyed, the rebellion had hope; when the Death Star was destroyed for the second time, the rebellion had victory.

Star Wars Starkiller Base


And, the Force Awakens has some kind of Death Star – the Starkiller.

Strong Female Leads

Princess Leia


Star Wars has a trend of having a strong female lead, and that’s a good thing of course. Princess Leia played the role of a female that didn’t need to be rescued. She did the rescuing!

Star Wars Rey


Force Awakens follows that up with Rey – who is playing the lead character! So enough said.

Swashbuckling Heroes, never miss them  

Han Solo


Ah yes. There needs to be a hero that is witty, can take a beating and shoots straight. The swashbuckling hero is part of the Star Wars trip.

Some could say that Han Solo made the Star Wars Franchise with those rightly timed punch-lines and – super cool wittiness.

And now Poe Dameron has taken over that role. You know he’s bad ass when he can take some Force torture and still give out a one-liner.

“Great, kid. Don’t get cocky”

The Skywalker Screwups

At this rate, I can’t make out whether the Skywalkers are screwups or heroes. Let’s review.

  • Anakin Skywalker:

    Anakin Skywalker

    Supposed to be the Chosen One, instead decimates the Jedi Order, massacres all the padawans, and becomes the Emperor’s Fist.

  • Luke Skywalker:

    Luke Skywalker

    Once the Empire fell, he had ONE job and ONE job only – he had to rebuild the Jedi Order. Instead, all his padwans get killed by the Knights of Ren.

  • Kylo Ren:

    Kylo Ren

    He has Skywalker blood in him, so he counts. What did he do? Well, quite a lot. 

    • Killed Luke’s padwans
    • Kills his Father
    • Serves a Dark Lord
    • Plunges the world, once again, into the dark

Yup, Skywalkers are turning out to be the Chosen Ones of screwups.

The Missing Jedi Master – Where are they?

Master Yoda


Our young hero is not trained. He/she must seek-out the hidden Jedi Master. This is a story plot that is there in the Luke Skywalker movies and Force Awakens. For some reason, the Jedi Masters are always in hiding. And now look it’s Luke deja-vu’ing Yoda.

So, have we missed any recurring story element in the Star Wars stories? Let us know!



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