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Repo Man Review





Did I mention weird?

Arrggghh, this movie is weird.

Aliens, repo men, punks, a mad scientist, and religious consumerism… any idea what they all got in common?  Nothing, and yet when you watch Repo Men, the answer changes to yes.

Directed by Alex Cox and starring Emilio Estevez, this movie is a rollercoaster ride of weirdness, and… I think… I think it’s awesomeness, you’ll see if you see the movie.


There is a vapourised policeman somewhere, somewhere else a young man is trying to figure his life, his parents gave away his inheritance for religious charity. So he becomes a repo man, and the life of a repo man is always exciting.


I gotta talk about the setting first. It’s deep.
The dirty underground of a crumbling 80s American economy, the punk youngsters, the repo men, the crime, the CIA.
Man, it is all there. A retro, classy setting right for the urban jungles of America.

Also, do you know what a Repo Man is? Well, if you ever borrow anything from anyone and you don’t give it back. You’re going to have a Repo Man sent after you – to repossess that thing, whatever it is.

Out of place

You know what’s weird about Repo Man?
It’s all muddled, confusing and confusing. I mean you got a kinda of coming of age movie, the dangers of being a repo man, the secrecy of a government, a loopy scientist, and… the conspiracy. The movie even has a car, that has a trunk, that has a power; a power to vapourise people, except their feet and footwear… kinda killing them.

Coming of age

I’m not really sure if you can call it a coming of age movie, but for now, let’s do that.

You know what, you can watch this movie through several theme lenses, heck, and it all fits.

But coming back to the theme that caught me – coming of age. Coming of age movies are heartfelt, emotional, mentor-y.

Repo Man… kind of has all these coming of age elements… sort of!

It’s a very different kind of coming of age movie. Love, mentors, betrayal of love, it is all there in the package, of course in a weird manner. The protagonist is just like you and me, except he prefers to give life the middle finger… as much as he can.


To put things in perspective, let me give a rating for the weirdness in the film. 0 is the lowest, 10 is the highest… and the score is – 1 out of 10. No, no! I mean 11 out of 10. It’s through the freaking roof!

  • Weird car – Check
  • Loony scientist – Check
  • Loony yapper/ conspiracy nut – Check
  • Normal guy trying to live life – Check
  • Crazy ex-girlfriend – Check
  • Mysterious car/treasure everyone wants – Check

Freak! I just don’t know, don’t know how all of this fits in, but it does and you gotta watch it to know it


And yet, in aaall this weirdness, Repo Man is exciting. You got car chases, shoot outs, torture, anddddd did I mention –  vapourised feet and shoes. Did I say that before? I would tell you more – but you know, then it would a spoiler.


The movie is full of ironies, so watch out.

(Spoilers) A repo man’s life is not as exciting as the claim. A loopy scientist who keeps driving in a loop. A conspiracy nut who turns out to be the chosen one.  

This is Confucious signing off. I’m gonna find me that mysterious car and fly around the world. You, in the meantime, should add this movie to your list.. I mean like now, NOW!

Signing off-

PS: Crap! In case, you didn’t get it. This is not the Jude Law Repo Man movie. Just rewind back your time machine a bit more.



Why is that my name? I am a confused guy… so…. Does it have anything to do with the philosopher Confucius? Sort of… kind of.. if that’s what you think, then good. Sooo. … howdy, or hello or cheerio… I DON’T KNOW take your pick, it’s difficult to greet a person. Burger or cheese burger, cheese cake or vanilla cake. How should I know which one is better? Wait. Damn it. Movie monks, movie site, movie time.

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