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Nightcrawler Movie Review – A Lesson in Business by Lou Bloom

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Nightcrawler Movie Review – A Lesson in Business by Lou Bloom


Before I begin to get into the details of this movie, let me first give you a heads up!


You see that! Right on the top is the main protagonist of the movie, Nightcrawler. And after watching the movie, I  have a strong belief that he’s probably the love child of Norman Bates or something! Who knows! Anyway, let’s move on!

Nightcrawler is about a socio-path (who also happens to be the winner of the most scary eye competition), Lou Bloom, who gets into the world of journalism and that’s when the lines of ethics start to blur out faster than the career of Nicolas Cage!


Now Lou Bloom is no ordinary guy! Like I mentioned earlier, he is a socio-path. So by choice, he starts to do Nightcrawling (a word used for people who take up their goddamn cameras and start shooting anything at night that is bound to give you the jitters) and starts selling his footage to a local news channel for money! Basically he is the paparazzi for everything that has got to do with dead bodies, crime scenes, blood written all over it and anything that should come with a NSFAFP (Not suitable for any fuckin place) warning.


Turns out, Lou Bloom is an ambitious lunatic who will who’ll  stop at nothing. He is like the salesman of immorality and is willing to cross over the line of morality without a moment’s hesitation.


Dude becomes completely wacked out in the head and starts doing illegal shit. But he’s a genius at the same time. He knows every business tactic there ever is. I have heard more amazing business theories in this movie than in my entire business life.


Come to think of it, it’s like what would have happened if Hannibal Lecter comes up with a startup idea. Scary right?

Anyways moving on…Jake Gyllenhall delivers NOT only his finest performance to date, but also one of the finest performances in all of cinema history. I’m probably exaggerating, but I swear he manages to creep the fuck out of you by just being…himself. That’s a lot to say I think. After watching this movie, you’d be like… ”I wanna be anything in life, BUT Lou Bloom” (unless you are secretly feeling orgasmic about Lou Bloom’s presence on screen… in which case you probably are Lou Bloom).

Even the other evil characters in the movie seem sane in comparison to him and though he is a satanic version of a business guy (more evil than Wolf of Wall Street dude), he doesn’t fail to intrigue you.

Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut makes us question, if this newbie director can give us this amazing movie, then what the hell are the experienced directors like Zack Snyder giving us bullcrap for?! (For more on this, read our amazing review of the not so amazing Batman v Superman)

The script is so tight; the Academy licked on it and gave it a nom! Just One! And that’s nothing because I am pissed with the Academy for totally snubbing Gyllenhall on this. Maybe they were creeped out themselves with his performance and probably stopped watching the movie half-way or some shit. God knows!

Overall, Nightcrawler is a rare film that questions your morality, and slowly and steadily grows into something that cannot be forgotten soon. Maybe we need to start showing this movie during our Management or Startup Courses to help people either kickstart, or lose all hope! At Least it’s honest in that regard. And even if you are claim to be self proclaimed Gandhi, the doubt will creep into your head and you’ll just ask yourself. Just for how much, how easy and for the right amount – you, reader, can turn into the nightcrawler, into Lou Bloom.

So the next time you switch on news, or see someone going through an immense amount of pain caused by an accident, you know somewhere…there is a Lou Bloom…hiding in the corner, waiting for his opportunity to succeed.


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