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Galaxy Quest Review


Galaxy Quest Review


“By Thor’s hammer, by the sons of wyverns, I shall avenge you!” *Epic voice.  

Oh, wait, that’s the wrong dialogue.

Galaxy Quest

That’s the line and just one of the many awesome reasons you should watch Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest is kind of a Star Trippy, doh, Star Trecky type movie. Except it’s kinda of based in the real world, and there are aliens.

With Alan Rickman’s death, this was a movie that popped up along with all the other ‘Must-see Alan Rickman movies.’

So, I decided to give it a watch.

Directed by Dean Parisot, and starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver (from the Alien series), and Alan Rickman, Galaxy Quest is a film that you might want to put on your list – if you like… Read on and decide for yourself.


Once upon a time, a space opera television cast are living off their fading fame from their old show – Galaxy Quest, a show about aliens and stuff, which was cancelled 18 years ago. That’s when the Quelleks (actual aliens) swoop in. A group of aliens that need the help of our heroes. They mistake the cast as characters who really command a starship and save the universe. Looking to get out of a bored life, the cast hop on to the opportunity to go on a real adventure.

It’s Funny

No, no, let me say that again.

It’s hilarious.

No, not quite right.

It’s 90s Funny.

You want a funny movie? Watch Galaxy Quest. It is funny.

It’s Sneaky

What’s sneaky about it? Watch for the subtleties. Galaxy Quest takes a quirky and sarcastic take on the roles of Afro-Americans and women in TV shows. Heck, Galaxy Quest easily qualifies as a parody for this very reason.

Let’s be honest. Women didn’t have the best of roles in the TV shows during the 90s, and this includes the West. There is only one female actress on the Galaxy Quest crew (played by none other than kick-ass Sigourney Weaver). In the TV show though, her character has only two roles – show boobs and sorry, I mean cleavage (come on folks, it was the 90s) and repeat exactly, and I mean word for word, what the starship computer says. She doesn’t fire the torpedoes nor was she the on-deck doctor. She’s just there because she got the boobs.

You know what is also ironic?

Galaxy Quest - Sigourney Weaver
Same actor, different movies, from kick-ass Alien killer to Victoria Secret Model

The movie makes a commentary on gender bias, racism and a bunch of other issues in a funny and obvious way that’s quite sneaky. Oh, the movie also has something to say about the “guy” – a random person who always dies in shows and movies, so eyes peeled.  

The Confusion

Why did the Quelleks want the help of a space show television cast? They are being hounded by an alien warlord.

It’s like this:

Imagine, if I made you sit on the Iron Throne in the real world of Westeros because you know, you played King Baratheon or Queen Cersei.

Game of Thones - Galaxy Quest

Except, you don’t know how to lead an Empire, you don’t know how to fight a war, you don’t know which partner to marry from which house. Basically, you’ll die at some point.

That is exactly the predicament our heroes are in, without the marrying a girl part, and it leads to situations of epic hilarity.

The acting is superb from all-round and Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub, and Daryl Mitchell make a fantastic cast combo.

Galaxy Quest is a reminiscence of those great 90’s family comedies, but it comes out to be much more because there is great emotional depth that makes you feel for the characters and there is so much fun to be made of TV shows.

In the wise words of the Galaxy Quest’s Captain:

Never Give up, never surrender - Galaxy Quest



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