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Movie Review: Birdman – The Non-Superhero, Superhero film!

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Movie Review: Birdman – The Non-Superhero, Superhero film!


40 minutes, 27 seconds later.

“…You’re doing this because you’re scared to death, like the rest of us, that you don’t matter. And you know what? You’re right. You don’t. It’s not important. You’re not important. Get used to it.”

Camera doesn’t shy away from Sam (Stone) as she speaks those words echoing through the walls. Three quick blinks…face turns from anger into a hint of sadness as she walks slowly to Riggan (Keaton) and whispers…


This scene is important. Not because it’s a great scene, but because it shows us what exactly Birdman has in common with all of our lives.

Let me help you a little.

Try reading the below paragraph without pausing

…Michael Keaton plays an actor who used to be a Superhero and then he stopped playing that in search of wanting to find the true actor in him and now we follow him  trying to stage up a Broadway show and the show has a lot of problems and it’s just not working out and the critics are being ruthless to him cause of his past and the troubles of family struggles, love life and another actor trying to enter the scene with his brand of “acting” and a split-personality imagination of the protagonist with his alter-superhero…


Infact breath heavily!

That’s exactly the movie plays out. In a Single-How-the-f**k-can-this-happen-shot


Goddamn Jimmie! That’s some serious skills. It just feels like the restaurant scene from Goodfellas, for the entire movie. Which is like mind-boggling and incomprehensible and if someone ever asked me “Can there be a movie like that?” My answer would be – NO ANSWER!

It’s ground-breaking! 

or you could also watch Hitchcock’s first colour feature – Rope (1948) and say ” Hitchcock! You genius son of a bitch”

But bunk that for now…

This unique style of film-making just made me probably open my mouth in awe…but what made my jaw drop on to the floor is this.

The Virtue of Ignorance

The movie talks to you without breaking the fourth wall. Michael Keaton has probably the greatest monologue in movie history and he doesn’t have this once or twice, but throughout!

It’s the experience of an actor who struggles to find his right path knowing that there was always an easier way that could have been chosen.

Do critics play God in the world of entertainment?

If you do what you love to do, and that makes you feel satisfied, then how long will you be satisfied and continue to do the things that you love to do?

And if the movie wasn’t done with talking to you, it friggin starts to question you and makes you feel guilty of the things that you are already doing. And while all this shit is happening it keeps you sucking deep into the rabbit hole without ever explaining you what the Matrix is all about.
(Not that I ever understood the concept of Matrix)

Half-way through the movie you start feeling the pain of Micheal Keaton, cause the role of “Riggan” is somewhat similar to his real life story – where he played Batman, then lose his career to obscurity to finally make a comeback with Birdman.

It’s like Micheal Keaton is the opposite of Ben Affleck.

Talking about actors, somehow all actors do a sort of career best performance in this one.

Edward Norton (anti-virus) Only 2nd best to American History X
Emma Stone (There are so many actors named Emma, I keep getting confused more than @Confusious) Easily her career best.
Zach “Non-pronounce-able surname” He can play a non-funny serious guy too?
Micheal Keaton Nuff said!

All of this brought together, by the direction of another Non-pronounce-able-name…Alejandro González Iñárritu along with a Emmanuel-three-time-consecutive-Oscar-Winner-in-your-face-Meryl-Streep- Lubezki.

So hold on to your seatbelts as Metaphors go flying left right & centre in every scene because the harsh truth of the matter is lying not just in what Riggan said…

People, they love blood. They love action. Not this talky, depressing, philosophical bullshit.”

…but also when he proved that he was right all along while sliding that Oscar Speech for Best Actor back into his pocket.

– LOLkein, Over and out



I love movies. I love a good laugh. Put two and three together. The name’s Kein…LOLkein. They tell me my jokes are lame. I go like “You talkin to me?” (in De-Niro accent), and then they are like “Yea, we ARE talking to you” and I like hold out my gun and say in slo-mo “I like the way you die bwoy”… …and then I get shot. Loads of data analysis, Loads of Puns, Wait for the LOLkein, cause it’s gonna be fun!

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