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John Wick is as WICKed as action movies can get!

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John Wick is as WICKed as action movies can get!


I have a confession to make. I have a small crush on Keanu Reeves.

Yeah! I am a guy and shit like that, but after you watch this humble actor turn into the badass-est badass on screen, I can’t help but go weak in my knees! (Oh crap, I don’t think I have knees)

Anyways, back to John Wick!

John Wick is to action movies, what CAT is to MBA.

Test yourself and see where it takes you. (FYI – These are my answers)


I think each of us has a John Wick inside them, just don’t mess with the dog!

– LOLkein, over and out!



I love movies. I love a good laugh. Put two and three together. The name’s Kein…LOLkein. They tell me my jokes are lame. I go like “You talkin to me?” (in De-Niro accent), and then they are like “Yea, we ARE talking to you” and I like hold out my gun and say in slo-mo “I like the way you die bwoy”… …and then I get shot. Loads of data analysis, Loads of Puns, Wait for the LOLkein, cause it’s gonna be fun!

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