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John Dies at the End – Or does he?


John Dies at the End – Or does he?


At the end of this movie, you may ask the same question, I asked – what the heck did I just see?

Is this a movie to love? A movie to hate? A movie to love and hate?

What the heck do I know? What I do know is there are some things you’ll love, some things you’ll hate, annnnd there is a chance, you’ll completely hate this movie.

As always, I’m confused or confucsious if you will. Writing helps me – not be confused. The movie is directed by Don Coscarelli and stars Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti.


This can get a bit confusing, so I’ll do my best. When our protagonist David Wong takes a drug called Soy Sauce, he is introduced to an unreal world. Along with his friend John (who also had the drug), they are out to save the world from alien, parallel world entities and the undead.

The Beginning

“Solving the following riddle will reveal the awful secret behind the universe.” That line, and man’s head being hacked is how it starts.

I’m instantly hooked. Throughout the film, David Wong’s voice runs in the background, and you don’t really get bored of it (I’ll get to the real interesting part real soon!).

The Arrow of Time/ Plot-timeline

The timeline is all over the place and it takes some time to catch on, but I think I got it. I love how Don Coscarelli has done it. By messing with the linear time of the plot, Don just threw me into the plot… and it’s weird – you’ll see.


Oh, yhea, this movie is weird. It’s weirder than the black goo you saw in Prometheus and weirder than that guy who wakes up with a python (I think!)

List of weird things:

         Black Hairy Goo aka Soy Sauce aka the drug that gives you powers.

         Aliens, or are they parallel earth creatures?

         Is David Wong in the matrix?

         Why isn’t David Wong Chinese?

         How come John is the good looking guy?

But I digress. Time to move on.

Plot Lines

So how really good is this weird movie?

It’s hard to say… it boils down to the plot lines.

There are multiple plot lines across the timeline. And all of them are interesting, but the biggest plot line, well is a bit disappointing, but I like the twist it lead up to (*with a whisper* Paul Giamatti is part of that twist). The start is freaking awesome and will pull you in, but somewhere the plot loses its intensity, maybe you’ll even get bored of David Wong’s voice as I did.

Why should you give this movie a watch? 

To sum up, John Dies at the End is a weird, B rated movie. This is a movie that has quite a bit of fun, with quite a bit of things to wrap your head around. It’s got action, paranoia, conspiracy and weirdness all wrapped into 1 hour and 39 minutes. Oh, and last point, John doesn’t die at the end, he dies in the middle.

No WAIT! He dies at the beginning.

Okay, fine! I’m not sure. Watch the movie yourself and decide.



Why is that my name? I am a confused guy… so…. Does it have anything to do with the philosopher Confucius? Sort of… kind of.. if that’s what you think, then good. Sooo. … howdy, or hello or cheerio… I DON’T KNOW take your pick, it’s difficult to greet a person. Burger or cheese burger, cheese cake or vanilla cake. How should I know which one is better? Wait. Damn it. Movie monks, movie site, movie time.

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