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Boy & the World (O Menino e o Mundo)


Boy & the World (O Menino e o Mundo)


I’m in pain. And you know what? I never expected to be in pain. This movie has caused me pain. And I just don’t know why. If I was to guess… if I was to guess, it is to do with the Boy & the World.

Boy & the World is a Brazilian animated film directed by Alê Abreu. This movie is pure art. Pure art and it is beautiful. I also think, perhaps, just perhaps, I can’t be sure, that this is the most beautiful animated movie I have seen, and of course, possibly that you will see.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that you didn’t consider this obscure movie on your movie list, but you should.

Tallish Tale

The story is quite simple. A father decides to leave his farm and family, grab a train, and go possibly to the city for work. The boy misses his father and decides to search for him. And so begins a tale, an adventure and it is nothing like you have ever seen. Spoiler, oh wait, should I give you a spoiler – it’s a small one – the boy does find his father, but in not the way you imagine, oh no, sir or madam, not in the way you imagine.

Art Work

Wow. Just wow.

Did I say – Wow?

This is simply like nothing I’ve even seen.

There is only one way to describe it (the veil of confusion lifts off, sometimes folks, you get lucky and it happens) – THIS IS HOW MY CHILDHOOD IMAGINATION WAS. Period.

It is beautiful, it is magical, it is nothing like you have even seen. I’m no artist, but it is a mix of stick figures, simplicity, colours (oh dude the colours) and the designs.

Many of the designs are there to reflect reality. Did I mention they were beautiful and captivating? They are.  


What do you get when you combine art work and music?

No, seriously, take a guess.

Did ya do it? Cool. Hold on. I’m bad at guessing.

The music is… I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe it. Let’s try some adjectives. Vivid. Colourful. Technicolour? Real. This isn’t enough to explain it.

When the art work and music play together, everything on screen COMES ALIVE, like nothing you’ve ever seen.


Yes, it is an animated movie. But it is not just for children. There are so many themes that a child and you, sir or madam (if you are an adult) can understand.

There’s the obvious ones, a father leaving his farm to go to the city, a son missing his father. But, there’s more. The director brings in the terrible effects of human life on the environment, industrialism (industrialism started with cotton), and consumerism (you won’t miss out on this), and state repression, and !!!

Maybe I should… but I won’t… no I’m not. The list can go on and on with the themes in O Menino e o Mundo. JUST KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.


I stated that Boy & the World pains me. It’s not the environmental theme, not the son missing his father, not the consumerism and the others that cause me pain.

It’s the final end of Boy & the World. A final end that captures the meaning of life. That… I’m not sure if I can say it, but I must, to complete this review, that living is painful. To live is painful, and it is an adventure, and there is joy, and it is painful.

I could tell you why I think that, but then, I would give away the ending.

And of course, this is all just my interpretation, this is all just in my, Confusious’s head, just like Boy & the World is.

Boy & the World is simply one of the most unique animations you will come across. Period. I am not confused about it.

Give it a read.

PS: You don’t have to know Spanish, Portuguese or Brazilian to watch the movie. Just keep your eyes, ears and heart peeled.



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