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Deadpool Movie Review – Friendly Neighborhood Merc With a Mouth

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Deadpool Movie Review – Friendly Neighborhood Merc With a Mouth


Disclaimer – this review is filled with loads of pop references (exactly like in the movie) and comparisons to exhibit how Deadpool just flipped the F’in-super-hero genre on its head

Ignore the headline, but I actually heard an anonymous mother ask her child if Deadpool was Spiderman… *birds chirping*… I’m thinking, it’s the costume… No this isn’t one of Movie Monk Sarcophagus’ indecipherable sarcastic ones. It actually happened.

Also, speaking of neighborhoods, I’m thinking, what’s cool about Deadpool is he actually lives in one. With a blind old lady for a room-mate. And he travels in a cab… No X-mansion, Web-swinging, Batmobile or just flying to wherever the heck he pleases.

(“So, I’m thinking, he doesn’t save the world?” “NO MOM HE’S NOT SPIDERMAN!”)


Eh-ehem!… So urmm… Deadpool!

(I’m thinking you’d know what me and Deadpool have in common, if you’ve read my Walter Mitty review i.e. – at this point we’d both break away from the plot, to tell you to Google the 4th wall. But never trust the reader, I’m thinking, so…)


(Jeeez! Thanks for helping with the clarity Google! *Sarcasm-intended*)

In simpler words – He’s a super anti-hero that knows he’s part of a comic/movie, and keeps addressing his audience every now and then. I’m thinking, a perfect pop example of the 4th wall phenomenon is Frank Underwood from House of Cards.

Why does that make Deadpool cool?

Imagine a snazzy, gun-toting, showboating, dual-blade wielding (what is the word?…) badass! Who actually knew he existed in a comic/movie!… No? Not getting it? Okay, think – superhero that knew he exists to entertain an audience, and kicked ass like he was playing a friggin video game, while trash-talking and sex-joking to give you the cheap thrills you crave, till you’re “HaHa-ing!” and “Woa-Ho-ing” at the same time….

(I’m thinking, the movie’s excitement is making me forget to say – “I’m thinking”… “Shoot! Stay in character Thoth!”)

So – “What in the ass!” – is Deadpool really?

How do I simply describe this highly complex character? Hmmm… I’m thinking he’s –

Deadpool - The Unreakable Merc - Big Text Bubble

In fact, I’m thinking, what’s cool about Deadpool, is that he keeps breaking the 4th wall to address things he knows his audience is thinking. Some of the movie’s best quips, I’m thinking, are its Ryan Reynolds/Hugh Jackman jokes.

(Also, I’m thinking… Isn’t Deadpool like an acrobatic, ass-kicking ADULT version of Jim Carrey’s – the Mask?)

So what’s Cool about Deadpool? I’m thinking, I’d love to say everything! To be honest – apart from the movie’s brilliant promotional trailers and campaign, I’m thinking it’s already pretty hard to not be biased towards this undying, swaggerific, care-a-damn character.

He Loses His Plot (The Story)

It’s a great origin story, I’m thinking, which weaves back and forth from the past to present, revealing Wade Wilson’s transformation/mutation into Deadpool. ‘The Merc With A Mouth’ never quite loses character throughout, I’m thinking, mouthing off one-liners and imaginative sex jokes, regardless of being tortured, being in emotional turmoil or getting shot “right up mainstreet”. I’m thinking, you’ve probably experienced the kill-first-talk-later-type protagonist. Deadpool’s the talk-whilst-killing anti-hero.

I’m thinking, the coolest thing about Deadpool is that he’s super relatable. He cusses (like most of us do), he goofs up spectacularly (like typical superheroes don’t), he’s a hopeless corny romantic (like most of us can’t help), and like Captain Jack Sparrow, I’m thinking – he makes it all up as he goes.

But, I’m thinking, although most may not like it, I’m thinking the writing of the movie really shines when it subtly throws in a few moments, which hints at the needy, emotional side hidden within this comically-indifferent character. But don’t worry, they immediately cover that up with a dick-joke or two.

(My only qualms – It should have had more actions sequences, I’m thinking. But only because it’s so damn exhilarating!)

Speaking of the action in Deadpool… 

Finally! Superhero-movie fight sequences that feel super-real (while staying unreal)! I’m thinking – Deadpool’s fighting style kicks you in the Chimi-Friggin-Changas! It’s uncompromisingly violent, acrobatic, but most importantly – it makes fighting look fun, inventive and improvisational!

(Expect Tarantino-like unexpected non-dramatic violence that you may actually feel bad about laughing at afterwards)

While the movie can be easily described as super-fun or “super-fly”, I’m thinking – the movie is supremely creative. Even the soundtrack placement will have you giggling, when it doesn’t have you grinning and bobbing your head, I’m thinking.

(*Sings under breath* – “X gonna give it to ya! He gonna give it to ya!…)

The two X-Men – Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her mentor, X-men veteran – Colossus, make great additions to the movie, I’m thinking. They aren’t just there to effectively cite Deadpool as a character that belongs to the larger X-Men world.

(I’m thinking, If you’re thinking, where are all the other X-Men? Expect few 4th wall-Deadpool jokes on that too)

How to enjoy Deadpool to its fullest?

You need to expect three things,  I’m thinking

  1. Go for fun – You lack Thoth (thought) if you’re expecting a thoughtful movie. Deadpool is a bloody-explicit movie that kicks your superhero-stereotypes in the nuts. And it does so in a style that’s hilariously indifferent to everything, except you, the audience…

(I’m thinking, you didn’t get that – that was another 4th wall reference, as are all these parentheticals…*sigh* – nobody understands me)

  1. It’s a clichéd revenge movie! – And is still is being lauded as a movie that’s totally flipped the comic-book-movie genre.

(I’m thinking – avoid watching this movie with people who don’t like movies like Kill Bill, or especially John Wick)

  1. Expect Annoying-Ass illogical Censors – if you’re in India, I’m thinking, where the censor board is high on weed and uses randomness as its logical compass.

(Example – “fuck” isn’t censored while mother-f**kr, d**ck or p***y is… I’m thinking – aren’t they contextually co-related?)

So how exactly does Deadpool redefine the genre?

  • I’m thinking, when comic-movies began, it started off as a thing parents took their kids to.
  • Then ‘The Dark knight’ happened, making you take superheroes super-seriously (which I loved cause I’m the thinking movie monk). It was the kind of movie grown-ups had to explain to kids, like Jim Gordon’s kid asking – “why’s he running dad?”, him replying “because we have to chase him”.
  • With the Avengers – finally came a movie which both grownups and kids could enjoy on an equal intellectual capacity. The balance was found.
  • Deadpool hops and skips along innocently, and then decapitates this balance! – Like it “ain’t nothing but a thang”.  Basically, it’s a hardcore super-adult superhero movie, which grown-ups will probably ground their kids for watching…

Note – This review doesn’t contain spoilers, I’m thinking, unless you count me telling you that a Chimichanga looks like this –




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