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Is it an abusive relationship?

I’m in a dilemma (okay, fine, there’s not a time when I’m not in a dilemma!) BUT this dilemma is as real as it gets.


I can’t decide whether I hate or love the movie. But who cares about that. What you should care about is – whether you should watch this movie or not.

The movie is directed by Damien Chazelle and is inspired by his days in musical school. It stars Miles Teller and J. K. Simmons.


The world is changing too soon… too fast, the Apocalypse is coming… the mutants…


Wait a minute! Wrong plot.

Whiplash is brilliant. What is it about? A guy (Andrew Neiman) who is learning from this other guy, this old guy (Terence Fletcher), how to play music, how to be the best. And this guy, well, he is a drummer.



First up is music. Dilemmas may be there, but definitely not on this one.

It’s freaking fantastic and that’s probably thanks to Justin Hurwitz. The whole movie has its roots in jazz music and the music takes influence from Hank Levy and Buddy Rich.

Characters and the Relationship

There are many characters in the movie, but there are really only two who matter– everyone else are just ghosts, side characters, don’t matters, insignificants.

Andrew Neiman (played by Miles Bank Teller) is the protagonist of our story, we hear/see the story through his perspective. It is through him that we meet Terence Fetch (played by J. K. Simmons).

The characters built here and the relationship shown is well… intense. You gotta watch to know, and if you’ve watched it, then you know!

Kudos to Miles Teller and J. K. Rowling for their brilliant acting.

Whipping someone with whiplash


Point – don’t expect a mentor-student-relation goody-goody plot, think abusive-relationship – you know what to expect from Whiplash.

The Philosophy

Oh boy, brace yourself. Whiplash got quite a bit of philosophy. But I love it. It asks quite a few of the age-old questions.

Do you embrace your passion 101% and forget about everyone else?

How much do you need to practise to become exceptional?

Is it worth becoming a legend to hopefully be remembered by the world, but forgotten by the people close to you (well, you know – because by then you won’t have anyone close to you)?

Do I Love it?

I don’t know. There are certain things I love about it. The music, the characters, the story. I haven’t spoken enough about the story – but I can say that as a drama it’s fantastic. Like any good plot, Whiplash is filled with highs and lows. It keeps you engaged, has constant twists, turns and more twists.

Do I Hate it?

I don’t know. I think I do.

I hate everything there is to hate about Fletcher. He has a terrible teaching method , he is a manipulator of the first order and well…. I hate him. But, I love what this character, this person – Fletch is trying to achieve, and some of the philosophies he embodies.   

Another thing to hate is the unreal parts of the film. I really don’t know how real of a character Fletcher is. Or the idea that someone can be so much more talented than another person. Or that someone needs to drive themselves to the ground to be the best. Or how realistic the ending is – I mean watch it and tell me if it is humanly possible to make the final decision that Andrew Neiman made AND … well, you’ll see when you watch the movie.

I had hoped writing this would clear things up, but it hasn’t. I’m still in a dilemma. Give it a watch and tell me. Or if you’ve watched it, let me know – DO YOU hate or love it? (and why!)

Holly Crap! Did I write J. K. Rowling somewhere. Crap. Crappy Crap. I meant – J. K. Simmons.

PS: Watch this video now. I repeat – NOW!



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