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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Review

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Movie Review


Walter Mitty Meaning

I thought

(Note –  My reviews are full of parentheticals. You can ignore it. But you won’t – I’m thinking )

…the last thing the Secret Life of Walter Mitty would be is a classic clichéd plot, about guy meets girl. Well – it is – I’m thinking. I mean guy does meet girl, but the plot has him meet her on the way to meet his fate…


…However, I’m thinking, when you’re making a movie about an everyday guy and his aspirations (which are hugely shaped by the movies we’ve seen and stories we’ve been told), how non-clichéd can the basic plot-line possibly be? Does that mean this movie has an everybody-can-relate with plot?… Yes, if you believe that every human has an inborn inclination towards glorious adventure, I’m thinking. No, if you’re the fortunate ONE that’s never experienced the looping horrors of monotony… *dramatic silence*…

(I’m thinking I’ll keep rambling like you’ve read the synopsis, watched the trailer or have actually watched the movie)

The plot is about an ordinary guy who undergoes something extraordinary, which helps him break free from the ordinance of his confined life – I’m thinking ; yet, there’s this ‘SECRET’ thing that Walter does, which makes his story stand out.  He “zones out” every now and then, imagining himself in heroic larger-than-life scenarios, where he’s cooler than the coolest guy can be; literally too in one scene, I’m thinking, where he imagines being a snow-covered lady-killing Latino mountaineer, sweet-talking his office-crush…

(BTW, if you’re thinking – “how’s he addressing his inner thoughts to us?” – I’m thinking, you should know that I’ve broken ‘The 4th wall’ … yes, like Deadpool…)


(It’s really not that hard)

…of all the times you’ve slipped into imagining – mediocre outcomes or embarrassing outcomes, as being events where you end up playing the hero… wherein you transcend the boundary of time, I’m thinking, to do things flawlessly cool, and you’re unstoppable, and you imagine martial-ass-kicking everyone that’s given you shit in life, and…

(I’m thinking, this review will become super popular & I’ll get crowned as Thoth – the supreme movie reviewing champion!)

… HA! Wha..? Sorry – Ehem… urrr… got a little lost in Thoth, I mean thought!…

(Also, I’m thinking, you’re a dunce, if you’re reading these bracketed thoughts as a continuation from the preceding line)

So where were we? Yes! Walter Mitty!

Well, eventually LIFE happens to Walter (if you’ve watched the movie you’ll see what I did there) and he is forced to undertake a journey, wherein his fantasy world and the real world will find common ground. And that’s just what The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is about, I’m thinking… Us – regular people, bridging the gap between our ordinary lives and our extraordinary imagined ones, discovering the awesomeness in-between. 

Life Quote

(How is this James Thurber related to Walter Mitty? GOOGLE IT!!!)

The movie is a must-watch, I’m thinking, because…

The setting –

The movie is a picturesque, believable adventure, riddled with likeable characters and subtle humour. I’m thinking, the movie’s soothing soundtrack makes some of its best scenes just beautiful to experience. Also, I’m thinking, if you love skateboarding or have thought of giving it a shot, the movie has a heart-soaring scene that has you hoping you could hop on one right away.

(I sure as hell got on my skateboard after the movie and soared like an eagle, until an obnoxious fellow monk stuck his coffin in the way and… grrrr!!!… anyway, moving on…)

It’s relatable –

Walter’s journey from constantly imagining fantastical scenarios, to actually experiencing reality’s version, is identifiable and heart-warming. I’m thinking, Ben Stiller as Walter, genuinely feels like a boxed-in regular nobody, who’s finally getting out of his shell and experiencing the wonders of the world.

(Yes, he visits the Taj Mahal!… And you should visit sarcasm school, I’m thinking) 

Best time to watch this movie – 

Living the hectic work-life and suffering from every-day-ja-vu? Feel skull-dull or like everything sucks? Hating on city life? Or just looking for a refreshing, light-hearted adventure movie…I’m thinking – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – has the power to make your heart smile.

(Caution – to enjoy this movie, sit atop your critics-eye and watch this one by the feelings instead, I’m thinking)


  • Rotten Tomatoes – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – 88% Fresh Rating! This is why I love RT! Nope wait… that’s a 1947 movie with the same name. Crap!
  • 2013 version – 50% rotten???… *breathes in*… THOTH-SMASH! FUKNSDJKJSDSK! (“OH NO! My keyboard!”)
  • IMDB – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Rated 7.9… *breathes out* (balance in the force, there is)


As for me – I don’t have to think to say – I loved every bit of my journey with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

(No spoilers were given during the making of this review. Unless! Me revealing Walter grows a stubble at some point is going to make you pull at your beard, I’m thinking)




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