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From Everest to Never-rest

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From Everest to Never-rest


“To climb the Everest, is not the cleverest of decisions” – LOLKein

Before we begin, I want to make 2 things quite clear


Yea yea! I know…movies are supposed to inspire and shit like that, but NO. It doesn’t. In fact it will scare the hell out of you, and the next thing you know, your dream of ascending mountains starts descending down the drain, after you watch this movie.

Nice job, director. Rot in hell for making this.


Everest is an adventure based on the true story of Rob Hall who takes people hiking up scary ass mountains, because he “loves” it (He probably didn’t have to watch this movie I guess).

The movie follows his story where during 1996, he takes this one group of campers (who again probably didn’t watch this movie) for an ascent toward the summit of Mt. Try-me-motha-fucka-verest and things go absolutely wrong.

There’s this one dude in the group who’s like “Oh! I wanna scale this mountain for my dearly beloved wife”, then there’s this Japanese lady who goes like “I almost died doing the top 6 summits, so let’s give number 7 a shot”. Basically, everyone out there wants to climb that damn thing.

For people who don’t know, this is what Mt. Everest is…


And not to mention, the icy cold temperatures which will be a pretty cool place for storing corpses.


Enough blabbering about the mountain I guess, let’s move to more important points.

The movie does an exceptional job of creating the deadly atmosphere of the mountain. And in IMAX 3D, you really can feel the chills. Unless you are watching a shitty movie, and the AC is set at its freeze-you-to-death level, in which case, you will feel the chills too. #justsaying

The movie moves at a brisk pace, though the character development is a bit haphazard. I mean I know, I’d be jackass if I was expecting Taranto-ish kinda character development out here, but you know, a little bit more backstory would have been cool. Though you can’t deny that the movie has an unnatural number of characters. Lost count after 23, so yea, let’s move ahead.

As the movie progresses, you can feel the real pain of what happened on that fateful day, 10th May 1996 when the tragedy unfolded (Sorry if this sounds like a spoiler, but it’s a true story, you’d probably wikipedia this shit before you watch it)

In all its true sense, Everest brings out the horror of mountaineering and let’s it unfold bit by bit till you reach the end. And maybe that was the objective the director (the guy I killed earlier in an image) was going for. It’s a story that deserves to be told and only one thing can happen after this. Your bucket list will get a bit shorter, if you have one, that is.


I’d say it’s a damn good movie based on a true story, but was the true story, damn good? Damn NO!

Watch & Learn
Avoid the mountain. Go for the movie instead!



I love movies. I love a good laugh. Put two and three together. The name’s Kein…LOLkein. They tell me my jokes are lame. I go like “You talkin to me?” (in De-Niro accent), and then they are like “Yea, we ARE talking to you” and I like hold out my gun and say in slo-mo “I like the way you die bwoy”… …and then I get shot. Loads of data analysis, Loads of Puns, Wait for the LOLkein, cause it’s gonna be fun!

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