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Just movie reviewers, we are not.

Movie Monks, we are. Speak like Yoda, we must. For illustrated it must be – that movie lovers we are… Critics, we are not. Meditate on movies, we do, hmmm…

Think of us as the 7 Samurai! … Only, we are actually 4… and monks… who have sworn ourselves into an ascetic life, filled purely with cinema. After extensive movie meditation, we’ve found movie discussions to not only be enlightening, but also therapeutic. So “Yippie-Ka-Yay-Mofo”, for we on a ‘Filmgrimage’ to provide 4 unique perspectives and enlightenment on 4 specific movies, old or new, every week. You can think of us as weekly spiritual movie guides. Thus, do we call ourselves the Movie Monks, for – “it is the purpose that guides us, that drives us, it is purpose that defines us, purpose that binds us…”

So, are you understanding the words that are coming out of our mouths?… What? Say what again! I dare you! I double dare you!… You’ve got to ask yourself one question – “Do I feel lucky?”… Well, do ya punk?

Because if you’re not getting the references, whether you be hobbit, elf, orc or look like Marcellus Wallace – “You can’t handle the truth!” and “You shall not pass!!!”

Warning! Warning! Movie Reference overload! Critical-Shutdown!