Why am I invited?


Why am I invited?


The Invitation Movie Review (2016)

The Invitation Movie –
What went down while watching this Indi Masterpiece?

*Logs on to Netflix*

“Thank you Netflix for making me feel like shit by popping up so many shows that I haven’t even started watching.”

*Keeps scrolling*

“Oh, what is this movie ‘The Invitation’?

*clicks on play*

“Fuck Logos”

*After 2 minutes of logos*

“Fuck People who make logos”

*2 Mins*

“What the fuck! Tom Hardy is in this one? Or wait! No, that’s just an actor that looks like Tom Hardy…  like Tom HARDLY! Lol I am too damn funny! Oh damn! Who gives a shit?” *continues watching*

*10 mins into the Invitation movie *

“Yes! Why not? Take your current girl to a party/get-together scene where your ex-wife invited you.” *slow clap*

*After 15 mins*

“Is this a documentary of people having a conversation at a party or what?!”

*25 mins into the Invitation movie *

Ok I am feeling a bit weird right now! Why is the husband so goddamn suspicious? That  woman just closed the door. Nothing wrong with that! … Or is it? Oh! Screw you Director”

*40 mins into the Invitation movie *

“I feel like I should be a part of this conversation. I also have a lot to share…about the…normal …mundane… stuff…people…share…Yay to me”

*57 mins into the Invitation movie *

“Is there something sinister going on? No, I think the husband is paranoid, or maybe the wife and her current husband are just weird hosts. What the hell! Just spit it already!”

*1 hour 5 mins into the Invitation movie *

“I think someone will probably die…”

*checks own pulse*

“…Yup! Probably me out of the sheer intensity of this film”

*1 hour 15 mins into the Invitation movie *

“Oh! Great. More creepy talks! I was missing that already”

*1 hour 20 mins into the Invitation movie *

“Ok, I don’t trust myself anymore”

*1 hour 27 mins into the Invitation movie *

“Looks like all is fine…”

*1 hour 27 mins and 8 secs”


*1 hour 30 mins*

“Holy Shit! Didn’t see that one coming! At all. I mean what the hell…

*1 hour 40 mins*

“I need some water…and probably some anti-depressants as well”

*1 hour 46 mins*

“Boy! That was some intense stuff…”

*1 hour 47 mins*

“…Which is nothing compared to what I am seeing right now!

*Movie ends*

“Fuck my life!”

*Searches on Netflix for a feel good film*

LOLkein, over & out

invitation movie

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