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The Vast of the Night Review


The Vast of the Night: There is something up in the sky  

There are some movies that are so good, so realistic, that you can actually believe the story. The Vast of the Night is one of them. And, do you want to hear the truth? The truth that has been hiding with us all this time. 

Put on your tin-foil hat. Turn on your radio jammer. And, throw away your phone. 

The Vast of the Night starts with a strange sound. 

What’s that Sound? 

It simply starts with a town preparing for a basketball game. The local school versus the visitors. But, the game does not matter. The town’s radio operator and telephone operator do matter. 

What matters is a sound that these two people stumble upon. While the rest of the town is watching the basketball game, the town’s radio operator and telephone operator begin a chase for the truth behind that mysterious sound. 

There is a vast and insidious conspiracy up there 

At the heart of it, The Vast of the Night is a conspiracy movie like All The President’s Men, The Matrix, or the Man from Earth.

A seemingly normal day like any other, turns out to be something more. But, unlike so many conspiracy movies, The Vast of the Night isn’t a grand conspiracy tale. It is not a story about saving the world. It is simply two people searching for the truth. And that’s where the sheer brilliance of the movie lies. 

And when the sounds stop… 

It’s the script which makes the Vast of the Night so brilliant. Expect dialogues that will drag you to the edge of your seat. And as the speaker’s voice becomes softer and softer… and it becomes a whisper and you are leaning in, you will have answers that just give you more questions. 

There is something about The Vast of the Night… if you can get through the first 25 minutes of story set-up, you are on for a thrilling ride that takes you… well, I can’t give spoilers. 

An Ode to the Old 

For an indie movie with a budget of $700,000, director Andrew Patterson, does an amazing job creating a beautiful setting of 1950 small-town America. From the school gym to the clothes to the freaking cars, the setting is right out of the movie The Blob. Special attention is given to technology, and I don’t know where this technology was dug up from, but the tape recording and radio technology looks very retro and perfect for the setting. 

And, it’s not just that. The Vast of the Night… in a way is a tribute to a much older format of storytelling – the Twilight Zone. The strange setting and storytelling format has many references to this old, yet influential show. 

The Actor Chemistry 

Jake Horowitz and Sierra McCormick, who play the town’s radio operator and telephone operator, carry the weight of the movie. Their every movement, body language and expression demand the attention of the audience, so if you are not watching, you will miss it. It’s the way their dialogues, impatient intensity, and dynamic reaction to each other sold the movie to me in the first 15 minutes. 

Camera-work that relies on long-takes instead of quick editing, intriguing music, a wonderful colour tone, fantastic acting and superb direction all come together to make this – 

What am I talking about? 

Just go see the movie already. It’s available on Amazon Prime. 


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