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25 Best Movies of 2018 – A List by The Movie Monks


25 Best Movies of 2018 – A List by The Movie Monks



(Be prepared to get angry, curious, confused and or remark in indignation – cause we’ve debated hated and argued about why each of these movies deserves to be on the list, and we’re still not so sure about some – but it is what it is, so we’re out with our verdict. Comment below if you agree, disagree or think there were some important ones we missed.)


25. Sorry to Bother You!

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – the others were busy meditating.)

Sarco: A super entertaining movie from start to finish, even without the utterly brilliant socio-political commentary this movie provides. It’s got so many ideas about racism, classism, corporate structure, stereotype reinforcement, urban realities, ghettoization…

Thoth: So basically – what you’re saying is I need to compulsorily add it to my list of “Movies-to-watch-after-I-die”, cause the list is already too long to finish in this life.

LOLkein: Sorry to bother you – but, this movie reminds me of “Thank you for Smoking” and “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Sarco: Wait – what? How is that relevant to anything?

LOLkein proudly reveals: “Sorry to”, “Thank you for”, “Welcome to” are all prefixes to common every day sayings, used as movie titles…

Confusious: Sorry to bother you but can you explain that better? I’m confused.


24. October

(consensus – 3 out of 4 monks – anyone who gets left behind gets abandoned, pirates code.)

Sarco: One of the biggest surprises of the year in Hindi Cinema, since I never really expected commercial Bollywood cinema to be that good, considering the crap they churn!

LOLkein: There he goes again…But yea! The story of October is simple, yet how it unfolds is what makes October worthy of this list. It’s heartfelt and honest, and makes a point that you will ponder upon long after the movie is over. Very well acted and directed.

Thoth: A very unique and heart-touching story on love that’s not really a love story, I’m thinking…. Also, I’m thinking, movies like these make me believe that one day Sarcofagus will indeed abandon his hate campaign towards Indian Cinema!

Sarco: You are just saying that cause you intelligently avoided watching Omerta and didn’t trust that any movie by Rajkumar Rao, couldn’t possibly be so full of crap!

Thoth: Fair Point…

Confuscious counts on fingers: November, December, January… It’s February guys!


23. Alpha

(consensus – 4 out of 4 monks – cause now we know why you don’t mess with wolves…)

Sarcofagus: Rewind back in time to a prehistoric age where one man’s friendship with a wolf helps him survive the harsh ice age. The stunning visuals and the heartwarming tale of friendship makes it worthy of being on our list.  

Thoth: I’m thinking… Fast forward to what I said about the First Man, about that being a movie that feels like it’s giving you an actual glimpse into an actual life. Alpha feels just like that, except for being the realistic, gritty and believable story of an early nomad, taming the wilds and traversing the seemingly harshest of conditions.

Confuscious: You know honestly, I liked this film, but I am still not overly happy with it being on this list!

LOLkein: *sets the dogs loose on Confuscious*


22. First Man

(consensus – 3 out of 4 monks – He was the last man.)

LOLkein: A slow burner, First Man was exceptional with its approach on focusing on the man and not the mission aka Apollo 11. And an amazing soundtrack that gives you the goosebumps. Damien Chazelle is a master at this, and almost does it casually now. 

Confuscious: So this is a prequel to Apollo 13? You know the one starring Tom Hanks!

LOLkein: Hehe…You can say that!

Sarco & Thoth: *looking at each other stone-faced* “Thank God they are not the only ones writing reviews for us.”

Thoth: This movie was amazing because, I’m thinking, it wasn’t trying to be a movie. Watching it felt like: if you want to go back in time and be a fly on the wall in the life of the First Man who went up to the moon, before he went up to the moon, I’m thinking, this movie seems to be an honest portrayal of that.

Sarcofagus: Let’s not forget that brilliant soundtrack by Justin Hurwitz, who famously worked Chazelle on La La Land as well!


21. Isle of Dogs

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – the other 2 don’t like islands. Or water. Or dogs. Or movies.)

Sarco: As expected, Isle of Dogs is just another brilliant visual splendor from the mind of Wes Anderson. Every frame is a piece of art and the stop motion the movie employs, elevates the film to a whole new level of storytelling. 

Thoth: When do you get time the to watch these films? Is it on Netflix?

Confusious: Isle of Dogs, Fantastic Beasts, Black Panthers, Alpha, Wildlife, Spiders…is this a list by National Geographic?

LOLkein: If you say Isle of Dogs three times fast it sounds like “I Love Dogs”

Thoth: I’m thinking…I really need to disassociate myself with these two! (*tries mumbling “I Love Dogs” quickly under breath*)


20. Beyond the Clouds

(consensus – 3 out of 4 monks – the 4th monk was too old.)

LOLkein: “I was really surprised. I mean Majid Majidi is brilliant! But an Iranian director doing what could pass off as a Bollywood movie  – and doing it so well – was unexpectedly brilliant!”

Confusios: “Was this movie really that good? Also, it says on IMDB that this is a 2017 movie ” 

LOLkein: It release in India and we watched it in 2018

Thoth: “I’m thinking, I felt just as LOLkein said he did… But this movie is one of the best and most underrated movies of last year, because – I’m thinking – it transcended language, it spoke with emotion and expression alone, it painted child-like pictures on a gritty wall with the wisdom of a sage. It depicted how we’re all trapped in prisons in this life, and how every human around us is perhaps our biggest God-sent salvation… And that’s why, I’m thinking I couldn’t but help but review this one in detail –

Sarcofagus: Well all i’d like to reiterate from Thoth’s review is that the actor Ishaan Khattar gave a truly very heartfelt performance, worthy of taking note.


19. Manto

(consensus – 1 out of 4 monks – Sometimes it’s better to go Solo. Like Han.)

Confusious says: “LOLkein says: So, basically, don’t be a writer, right?  Confucius says: This was a pretty dark movie  LOLkein says: They got the setting right. 1940s Clare Road looks exactly the same as I remember it.  Then Confucius says: You couldn’t be alive in 1940…And Sarcofagus then retorts: They did an excellent job with Bombay and Lahore. And then Thoth says: What I really love is how the movie is able to capture Manto and Manto’s stories… simply brilliant, I’m thinking.” 

Sarcofagus and LOLkein stare dumbfounded, Thoth clarifies: Urrr Confusios, I’m thinking, you’re not supposed to be doing our dialogues. Also you’re the only one who watched this one. We couldn’t possibly know those things, i’m thinking. So stick to what you liked about it…

Confusios: Oh okay, why didn’t you guys say so in the first place… What’s amazing about this movie is, even if you’ve not read any of Sadat Manto’s works (as I have), the movie gives you accurate glimpses into his controversial story. And the movie perfectly portray the dark life that the author may have lived.


18. First Reformed

(consensus – 1 out of 4 monks – Watched this solo again, cause everybody was busy doing lame stuff, like working for a living.)

Thoth: Now this is one movie I was really excited about – based on what Sarcofagus told me. Since movies or literature or intellectuals hardly do justice to the subject of religious belief…

Sarcofagus: Let’s just say this was a movie that was hard to watch, harder to comprehend, but makes sense in the end in a way I can’t properly explain. And a major chunk of me appreciating the movie even more, comes from knowing the background of the director…

Confusiouos: Because he’s another atheist making another movie about religious people?

Sarcofagus: On the contrary, the director Paul Schrader, comes from an orthodox Calvinist (Protestant) background, where his parents refused to let him watch movies till he was 18. With that kind of background, you’d bet his views on religion and its impact were bound to be negatively impacted…

LOLkein: So – this isn’t a movie about a priest who reforms and abandons religion?

Sarcofagus: Nah – quite the opposite actually. It explains the priest and the human behind the man, and his expectations and needs and confusion. It explains how one man, played by Ethan Hawke to absolute perfection, begins to question everything when faced with a simple truth he could have ignored without harm. And that journey makes this movie worth every damn minute.

Thoth: *Opens notepad, scribbles name on a ”To-Watch” list that is now easily a couple of hundred pages long, and then calmly shuts it with a smug look of conviction, just as he turns to see Sarcofagus looking at him in disbelief.*


17. Ben is Back

(consensus – 1 out of 4 monks – Another solo one cause the other monks were busy acting pricey)

Sarcofagus: So you know how you always think you’ve watched the best drug addiction movie ever after you watch Requiem for a Dream. Well I think I finally have a contender.

Thoth: I’m thinking – no – frikkin – way. Requiem for a Dream is unparalleled in its portrayal of the hauntingly depressive truth about addiction

LOLkein: For once, I think .. I mean “I’m thinking” i’m with Thoth on this one. Is this better than Requiem – yes or no?

Sarcofagus: No – I mean Yes. l… The struggle with addiction – the love we betray when we’re in it, the ability to feel like we’re done without realizing we’re not. While Requiem was brutally honest with its stories – not mincing words at all, this one is beautifully complex and emotionally traumatic. It makes you hope and then lose it, then hope again.

Confucioousss thinks – Why is Sarcofagus sounding like someone I know?.. Is it LOLkien?

Sarcofagus: If forced to pick – I’d probably say no… But I will say it’s definitely the best Mother-Son relationship movie I’ve watched ever. Maybe after “Madeo”. This is hard… I feel like Confusious.


16. Tumbbad

(consensus – 3 out of 4 Monks – The last monk scares easily.)

Sarco: Innovative in its own genre, Tumbbad is a cut above the rest simply because its bold enough to tell you a story that’s unbelievable and yet manages to leave you unsettled – all the while picking a local setting we’re familiar with: our own lives.

Thoth: I’m thinking… A lot of people don’t realize that this isn’t just a horror movie! It’s at its essence a poignant metaphor for how children are brought up to believe that they are meant to fill in their father’s shoes, good or bad… And when they realize the foolishness of this, how devastating it can be.

LOLkein: Say thanks to me! I recommended this film. Amazing visual effects and cinematography! Beautifully directed!

Confufufsz: Why did I not watch this again?

LOLkein: Because “Tum Bhaad” mein jaa!


15. Blackkklansman

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – Watched at MAMI.)


Thoth: LOLkein that doesn’t help much, i’m thinking… Still depressed I missed MAMI and these movies!

Sarcofagus: (Ignoring LOLkein’s vagueness) Black Lives Matter today perhaps, but there was a time, not too long ago when they didn’t. This one’s as hilarious as it is scarily eye opening. Ron Stallworth is mesmerising and just plain badass!

Confuzeus: Does it beat Malcolm X?

LOLkein: Umm… It definitely beats MEN IN BLACK!

Sarcofagus: I’m fundamentally against classicism, racism, segregation, except for when it comes to movie watchers. I guess LOLkein would fall square under the “Idiots Only” category!


14. Wildlife

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – Watched at MAMI again. This was a good year.)

LOLkein: I guess this movie is a prime example of how a great actor has transformed into a great director. Paul Dano is the same dude who’s in Little Miss Sunshine, 12 Years a Slave, Prisoners- 

Sarcofagus: And don’t forget Swiss Army Man – cause that was a bloody good movie as well – incredibly unorthodox and almost too hard to watch sometimes, but yeah – Dano is great in that one as well.

Confuciouss: So – is there actual Wildlife in this movie? Like animals – Simba, Bambi, Dragons, Khaleesi?

Thoth: I’m thinking not. Trailer looks pretty depressing though.

Sarcofagus: It is. And it’s sad and beautiful and conflicted as well. And while Gyllenhall is perfect, as always – I think the real star of the show for me was Carey Mulligan, primarily on account of her absolutely perfect juggling between the roles of a dutiful mother, a loving wife and a carefree woman. I can’t even juggle between sarcasm and serious facts.

LOLkein: And I gotta admit, the raging wildfires that make up the backdrop of the movie also add very interesting elements to the story. Thoth and Confusious – yawl really need to shoot yourself for not having  watched this already. Here’s a gun! It’s loaded! …Why you aiming it at me…


13. Black Panther

(consensus – 4 out of 4 monks – This was a full house packed IMAX theatre.)

LOLKien *chants*: “YIMBAMBAY!”

Sarcofagus: That’s another movie fool! 


Thoth: I’m thinking… Loved the Black Panther world! And I love how it’s philosophically modeled to be the opposite of the real lives of Black people! Loved the villain Killmonger – so layered and passionately played by Michael B. Jordan! 

Confuiouszs: Ha! That’s a basketball player, not an actor! NOW YOU KNOW WHAT I FEEL LIKE!

Sarcophagus: … So whose George Martin then? The Beatles Singer or GOT author?

Confuiouszs: BUT WAIT! In Black Panther, i’m still confused about why Black Panther agrees with the villain Killmonger? When do heroes agree with villains in a movie – ever? 

Thoth: I’m thinking, many villains aren’t wrong in their ideas, they just pursue them wrongly. I’m thinking, the fact that Black Panther made its villain thus, made it even more brilliant, in that it recognized a social problem, while also recognizing that it didn’t justify violence.


12. Bohemian Rhapsody

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – “Is this the real life…-”)

LOLkein: Never before has a movie managed to make a concert out of a cinema hall, with karaoke lyrics for each iconic song!l Rami Malek was wearing Freddie like he owned it… “Scaramouche Scaramouche – Will you do the fandango?”

Sarcofagus: Simply brilliant! After already being impressed by Malek’s performance in Mr. Robot, I knew he wouldn’t disappoint…Still can’t believe we all didn’t watch this one together in the theater…Another year like this and we should disband The Movie Monks!

Confusios and Thoth Sing: “…Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? ”

LOLkein and Sarcofagus respond: “Bismillah no! We will not let you go”


11. Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald

(consensus – 3 out of 4 monks – the 4th monk dissaparated just as we were about to start watching it… seems like he accidentally touched a portkey)

LOLkein: Fantastic World building for true potterheads! Easily better than the first counterpart. Brilliant performance by Johnny Depp as Grindelwald and spectacular visuals!

Thoth: Hey! I’m thinking, I loved the 1st part as well! The Magical beasts in both movies are truly fantastic! I’m thinking, Depp as Grindelwald made Voldemort feel like a Hogwarts student! And Law is lawfully THE Albus Dumbledore!

Sarcofagus: I think (Or as Thoth says “I’m thinking..”) maybe if they’d showed Dumbledore and Grindelwald making out, critics would’ve given this movie the accolades it deserves for being more progressive and WOKE.

Confusios: … I’m still confused about why I didn’t watch this one.


10. Andhadhun!

(consensus – 4 out of 4 monks – “You can’t see me”)

LOLkein: A blind Piano player! A murder unfolding before his eyes! Still not intrigued? Andhadhun is one of the most remarkable films of the year and definitely one of the best Hindi films of 2018 as well!.

Sarcofagus: … So I liked Andhadhun. Brilliant plot. Okay acting. Mediocre direction. Which brings me to – why in the bloody hell is it no.10 on our list and a Blackkklansman at no.15!!! I think this is at most a 24 on this list… maybe even a 23…  

Thoth: I’m thinking I loved Andhadhun! But I agree with Sarcofagus more here. I’m thinking, Tumbadd was definitely slightly better as an overall film.

Confuses-us: Dude Andhadhun is definitely better…!

Sarcofagus: Did you watch Tumbadd – or Blackkklansman?

Confuses-us: … I’m not sure! Okay sorry LOLKein, I vote for Tumbadd.


9. Annihilation

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – this was the best Netflix Original we’ve watched. Ever.)

LOLKein: If you Thoth.. I mean, if you thought Arrival was great, you’re going to love this as well. Annihilation is absolutely brilliant in portraying the complexity of human relations with their environment – and it’s kinda hard to explain why I said that, but you’ll know when you watch it!

Sarcofagus: Agree with LOLkein (… for once). Special mention to the unnerving soundtrack. Probably the most underrated film of the year. There’s not much more I can share about the film without giving it away – cause it’s just – indescribably unique in every imaginable way.

Thoth: I’m thinking, I didn’t watch this because I was really just saturated by alien and space-related movies…But a comparison with Arrival? Tall claim to be put to test, I’m thinking…

Confusious: Wait… Which one was Arrival? Or did I watch Annihilation and not Arrival? Who knows…


8. Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku)

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – Another MAMI watch, so only 2 monks in attendance.)

Sarcofagus: I think I’d probably go as far as calling this my best film at MAMI this year. It was certainly the most emotional one without a doubt.

LOLkein: I agree. 100%. Without hesitation. This was too emotional for me as well. The innocence of the kids and the city-like setting of the characters is just portrayed perfectly in this movie.

Sarcofagus: Precisely! I’ve never seen the idea of crime bringing people together in such a beautiful way before – and this director is fast becoming one of those who absolutely cannot go wrong. We’ve basically loved every movie we’ve watched of his now.

Confuseeos: Yeah yeah, we got the point – it’s a great movie! You guys done?

LOLkein: Nope – we’ve got a long way to go – we haven’t started talking about how great the end was – and about how the movie tries to make a point through almost every scene in the movie.

Thoth: *Silently goes to IMDB, clicks on the “Add to Watchlist” option, realises the list of movies he needs to watch is way too long already, but still adds this movie to that list with a sigh, and then resumes staring at the confused face of Confusious.*


7. You Were Never Really Here

(consensus – 1 out of 4 monks – Cause again, no one else bothered watching it! Maybe we should rename ourselves without the “s” after “Monk”)

LOLkein: What did I reply to John Cena when he asked me why no one could see him?

Confusiouss: Errrr… I’m confused, why is that relevant exactly? 

LOLkein: “No one could see you cause ‘You were Never Really Here’…”

Thoth: *smacks himself on the head with his staff.* Why am I alive?

Sarcofagus: Good thing I’m dead then… Yeah – so errr, let’s just say this is possibly one of the most unique action movies I’ve seen ever. Mainly because it’s got almost no action actually shown in the film. Every climatic scene is just purely skipped in favour of the “before and after” approach. To put it mildly, this movie is as good as “Taken” is bad. Possibly even one of Joaquin Phoenix’s best and certainly incredibly underrated performances.

LOLkein: What did the man standing next to the blind man tell him when – 

Sarcofagus: Mother******- !


6. The Third Murder (Sandome No Satsujin)

(consensus – 1 out of 4 monks – Absolutely no idea why the rest haven’t watched it yet, bloody losers…)

Sarcofagus: Why question the guilty further when their confession has been freely made? This courtroom drama/crime thriller/murder mystery/emotional roller coaster etc. – attempts to answer this complex question (This is one of 2 of Hirokazu Koreeda’s movies that made it to our list this year – an achievement in itself). It delves into the ethical dilemmas surrounding an investigation into the truth, and the consequences of pursuing an idea beyond what’s apparent on the surface.

Thoth: So – I’m thinking, I really should stop thinking so much and finally watch these movies……

Confusious: Plot looks cool. I’m game for a collective watch. When do we do this? This weekend? Next weekend? – 2020?

LOLkein: I’ve watched Shoplifters by the same dude, and I loved that one so much, had literal tears in that one. Lol’s aside, I’m serious. I think I’m getting too emotional for this job. *sniff sniff*

Sarcofagus: I’m thinking of enacting a new movie called “The Fourth Murder’, in honour of the next monk who makes a movie watching plan they don’t keep up with…


5. A Quiet Place

(consensus – 4 out of 4 monks – and we just can’t shut up about it)

LOLkein: When the cinema hall goes dead silent for a horror film, you know you’re in for a treat! The Quiet Place is one of the most creative thriller projects of all time.

Thoth: I’m thinking – Quietness has never been as scary, or ever since. The level of ingenious ideas crammed into a seemingly simple monster movie was just breathtaking. Truly edge of your seat stuff this, I’m thinking.

Confusheus: I’m still wondering – was this a horror movie, or a monster movie, or a survival movie, or a family movie, or a – wait, Sarcophakus – whhy aren’t you saying anything?

Sarcofagus: Oh – Sorry – I’m afraid I didn’t like it enough to say just a line about it.. But… yeah, I did write a scathingly long review raving about it on the website though. So – guess that’s that.

LOLkein: …He’s being sarcastic again isn’t he? He watched this movie 4 times! Here’s a link to the review – http://www.themoviemonks.com/reviews/a-quiet-place-movie-review/

4. A Star is Born

(consensus – 2 out of 4 monks – more like “2 stars were born”)

LOLkein: This was way too beautiful and inspiring for me to find anything funny about it. No jokes on this one.

Sarcofagus: I have to agree. In fact – while I absolutely loved singing along with “Bohemian Rhapsody” and admired Rami Malek’s near accurate representation in it – I have to admit that this movie was just – more meaningful and poignant. It kinda leaves you with more at the end.

LOLkein: And with Bradley Cooper competing with Lady Gaga in singing, and the Lady competing with Bradley in acting – unexpected!

Sarcofagus: Not to mention that insane stage performance intro man!

(Both Sarco and LOLkein turn to face Thoth and Confusious angrily…)

Confuseeoos (looking confused) and Thoth: Yeah yeah – we’ll watch it soon… I’m thinking…

3. Green Book

(consensus – 3 out of 4 monks – the 4th monk was reading the book)

LOLkein: HAHAHA – i mean LOL LOL LOL! This was way funnier than I expected.

Sarcofagus: Funny? What do you mean it’s funny – Funny How? 

LOLkein: What – you know just-  it’s funny. Funny!… like the way you tell the story like-…

Thoth *breaks fourth wall*: “They’re making a Goodfellas reference fellas. I’m thinking you can YouTube it.

Confusseius: So – Goodfellas level of good eh? Maybe I’ll watch it. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll read a book instead – wait, why is it called Green Book btw?

Thoth *get back into character* : Hehe I’m thinking, ‘Analyze This’ is a more accurate comparison. And this movie wasn’t just funny! I’m thinking, it had one of the best non-preachy relatable takes on overcoming racism. And its based on a true story! Subtly brilliant performance by Mahershala Ali, though Viggo Mortensen’s stunningly accurate transformation into an OG Italian Mafioso definitely deserved an Oscar too! THE best feel good movie I watched last year, i’m thinking. 

2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

(consensus – 4 out of 4 monks – The biggest surprise of 2018, and it was tough demoting this to number 2)

Confusedfuss: Dude! Screw INFIDELITY WAR! This deserves to be last years number 1 movie!

LOLkein: Infidelity War? Confusious – are you sure we’re talking about the same movie? Sounds like another movie you must’ve watched on an unmentionable website.

Sarcofagus: PURE BRILLIANCE! SHEER GENIUS! VISUAL DELIGHT! HUMOR DONE RIGHT! I died laughing – literally! (cause I’m Sarcofagus in a sarcophagus, get it?)

Thoth: I’m thinking, this is definitely one of the best superhero and animated films I’ve watched! Period…

LOLkein:  I’m thinking, this is definitely one of the best superhero and animated films I’ve watched! Period…

Thoth: …The movie pays the right kind of homage to Peter Parker and it’s brilliant right from the moment the credit rolls, with the statue of …Wait, LOLkein Did you just copy-paste me?

LOLkein: No, I just agreed with you. Also, I’d like to add, they paid the right kind of homage to Peter Parker…-

Sarcofagus: Holy shit! I just realized that Confusious gave away our no.1 movie! Sonuva… So much for buildups I guess…


1. Avengers: Infinity War

(consensus – 8 out of 4 monks watched this, twice each – Never before has the world witnessed an event that’s been awaited for this long, with so many past movies referencing it over a decade)

Confusious: I love Infinity War – but I’m confused if it should be our number one movie. (gingerly turns around to see everyone glaring at him and gulps…)

LOLkein: Wait… Weren’t you flipping out on this movie Confusious?! I think it deserves the spot due to the grandness of it all. It’s a movie event of a lifetime!

Sarcofagus: Ask me straight up if Infinity War was the best movie of last year – I’d probably go with a – maybe. But the combined event of making a movie that combines 10 years’ worth of movies? Cinema has never witnessed anything like it – that makes it deserves the top spot. It’s a milestone, and to call it anything less than that is purely sacrilegious. 

Confusios: A movie should be judged as a stand-alone. And as a standalone – it’s brilliant. But is it deserving enough? I don’t think so. Entertaining as hell but fails to truly explore themes! (gingerly turns to look back at a blank wall he was pretending to be interested in, cause he can’t bear the stares anymore…)

Thoth: I’m thinking, just the idea of Thanos is a theme in himself, let alone the movie’s fresh take on the ‘Greater Good’ philosophy. The assumption that infinity war doesn’t work as a standalone movie is ludicrous, since I’m thinking, practically the whole world was talking about –

THE SNAP, and THANOS, and unstoppable – horrific – DISINTEGRATION…

and a fitting end to the list…

The END (Game)


P.S. – AAAAAND we’re done…. Like we’ve mentioned above, this post is controversial – since we’re not all on board with all these decisions – but each movie has won it’s place on the basis of a subjective line of reasoning we’ve argued about extensively. If you have any comments, additions, grievances, mental health issues, or random bouts of “I-need-to-rant-on-the-internet” conditions – then please drop a comment below. 


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