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TV Show Review: Sacred Games


TV Show Review: Sacred Games

Sacred Games
Sacred Games

Saif Ali Khan in Sacred Games



Who did what? Who killed who? Why did they kill? Ermmm… there are plenty of who-dunit, who are the conspirators, and tons of – got to save Mumbai heroes. So, Sacred Games might feel confusing – but is it worth a watch?

Phantom Films has created a new sub-genre in the crime thriller genre and I’m not sure what to call it. This level of quality from the Indian Industry, when it comes to TV Shows has never been seen before and of course, Anurag Kashyap had to have a big role in it.

Okay, enough of boosting about the TV Show. Is this show really worth a damn? It is worth a your time? Or, is it filled with dramatic cuts that zoom in and out and in and out of the main character’s face to create a television show that so bullshit that you feel like killing yourself?

Beats the hell out of me. But, here’s a couple of things to convince you to watch it.

What’s it All About?

The story follows a lowly Inspector Sartaj Singh who suddenly receives a call from the underworld’s most wanted crime lord – Ganesh Gaitonde. After driving around Mumbai, he finally finds and confronts Ganesh Gaitonde who reveals that an attack is imminent in 25 days. Ganesh Gaitonde then shoots himself.

The next seven episodes in Sacred Games is a game of cat and mouse to try and uncover what is going to happen in Mumbai. Sartaj Singh finds himself in the middle of a network of criminals, politicians and Bollywood stars.

A Thriller That Keeps You Hanging

Sacred Games is one of the best thriller shows you will ever see. Each episode is a well-crafted piece of storytelling. The plot unfolds sufficiently to keep you involved in the story, yet at the same time, the conspiracy continues to go deeper. What conspiracy? The conspiracy to destroy Mumbai.

The Themes

The most interesting themes of the show do not really come from the main story. They come from Sartaj Singh’s daily struggle of being a cop. The biggest theme that Sacred Games brings up is the difficulty of being an honest cop in a corrupt and violent city like Mumbai. Sacred Games really brings out the underbelly of the city with police encounters, torture and the police, gangster and politician nexus.

Another theme that the show tackles with is the value of life in comparison to everyone’s life in the city. Should the lives of a few be sacrificed for the lives of the many?

Through the show, there are deep questions asked, none for which any one has the answers to.

There is so much more to say about this show. The music is amazing. I really love the intro theme. A lot of the music and cinematography shots are haunting. The strong acting and direction really pays off, to create a riveting story. The show really inhabits the city of movie, using the space of the city to aptly tell a story. We see Bombay transform into Mumbai.

Oh, and that brings me back to subgenre. You have subgenres: psychological crime drama, crime noir, the courtroom crime drama, procedural drama, and on and on. Sacred Games stands out from all of these. Mumbai and its underworld, politics and Bollywood makes a for a compelling crime show – one that has not been done like Sacred Games.


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