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Ready Player One – Movie Review

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Ready Player One – Movie Review


I hate pauses, especially the ones that occur while watching films. My fellow monks @Sarco and @Thoth pause scenes and make a good 2 hour film into a 4 hour snoozefest. But no matter how much me and @confusious try to butt in, time is never on our side.

But for once, (and I hope the last time) I wished I had a remote control to pause a movie while watching at a cinema hall.

I call Ready Player One, a blink-and-you-miss kinda film that has tons and tons of reference to your 80s and 90s nostalgic past. And the best part? It’s so much more than just that.

Except one thing, I am the younger sibling so I am kinda used to the idea of playing Super Mario as Ready Player Two!

I know you weren’t ready for that shitty reference. But guess who was!

Player ONE!


This movie thrives on easter eggs and therefore I will try my best to give you a non-spoiler review so that when you DO watch the movie you can enjoy the”Hey-look-at-that-character-he’s-from-that-game/film” moments.

A Close encounter of a third kind is inevitable if you decide to watch this Hell-Raiser of a film. You might feel Extra-terrestrial if you haven’t read the book, but if you’re a Die-hard fan of the 80s and 90s sitting on a silent hill of boring adventure films in recent times, your Jaws are bound to drop while watching Ready Player One.

The world is not enough and has kind of entered its Doom, with most of the population resorting to playing this virtual reality – Oasis, where you can literally be anyone.


The Frankenstein of this world, however is dead and in this game and only appears as his form of a Ghost that isn’t busted yet, he has hidden three keys that unlock the Easter Egg.  The winner becomes oh so powerful by being the owner of this Godzilla-sized world. But you gotta Tomb Raider the shit out of these challenges and go Mad-Max mode.

Enter Resident Evil, Nolan Sorrento, who resembles Oddjob from Goldeneye and runs this IOI which is The Thing he has built with the sole purpose of ruling The Oasis. Now he may not have T-800s or Space Invaders with him but with an army much bigger than the expansions pack of Age of Empires, he is on a Jonny Quest to win the challenges and aiming to be Master of the universe.

And that in a nutshell is the plot of Ready Player One.

It’s a Thriller spawned as an Adventure, and with Steven Spielberg helming this, you’d have to be an Alien to not get nostalgic during the scenes. Each of them is a ride into the Abyss filled with characters and easter eggs of yesteryears, and if you go Eyes Wide Shut even for A Minute, you’d be missing tons of references.

Visually this movie is stunning and absolutely gorgeous to look at. Specially the Oasis, and you can’t help but imagine yourself living in a Final Fantasy such as this one soon. Tekken to account, the amount of visual grandeur this movie has, you Kent really say how Spielberg can still pull-off such a film. He’s getting older but his visual sense only grows powerful, kind of like Freddy Kruger in your dreams.

Yes, sometimes the plot tends to get a bit Greasy with the romantic angle and if you have read the book you might be disappointed with some parts, but overall, Ready Player One is an entertaining and more importantly, a refreshingly new movie.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and if you are still Alone in the Dark, don’t take the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Book that ticket and go for the ride Back into the Future.

*movie reference overload*
*critical shutdown*

Lolkein – Over and Out

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I love movies. I love a good laugh. Put two and three together. The name’s Kein…LOLkein. They tell me my jokes are lame. I go like “You talkin to me?” (in De-Niro accent), and then they are like “Yea, we ARE talking to you” and I like hold out my gun and say in slo-mo “I like the way you die bwoy”… …and then I get shot. Loads of data analysis, Loads of Puns, Wait for the LOLkein, cause it’s gonna be fun!

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