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SONI Movie Review (2018) – The Movie that needs you!

So I watched Soni, the Netflix Original, after my fellow monk Confusious told me and I quote him – “Watch the goddamn movie”. Taking a cue from such important and honest advice, I couldn’t resist… Watching Soni, Abusing the shit out of Confusious for giving me such pointless dramatic advice. And so I reached home, [...]

Ready Player One – Movie Review

I hate pauses, especially the ones that occur while watching films. My fellow monks @Sarco and @Thoth pause scenes and make a good 2 hour film into a 4 hour snoozefest. But no matter how much me and @confusious try to butt in, time is never on our side. But for once, (and I hope […]

Sonchiriya (2019) Review

Now I tend to call myself a realist. I call a spade a spade and don’t mind admitting I particularly despise manual labour (especially when it involves spades). So, when you tell me there’s a Bollywood movie called “Sonchiraiya”– which apparently translates to “Golden Bird” – playing in theatres, I’m neither impressed nor curious. And […]

Toy Story 4 (2019) Review

If the word ‘toy’ got you thinking of GIJOEs and Barbies and joyous moments of childlike glee – you gotta stop. I’m not there yet, and to get to Toy Story 4 there’s a whole lot you need to know – starting with the definition of a toy. (A Google search for “definition of toy” […]

The Endless Trench (2019) Review

Is it fate or perhaps coincidence that brought this movie to me? Why did I even watch it? But, I’m freaking glad that I did because the Endless Trench is one of those movies that grips your heart. This is a movie that is a journey of two people locked in a single house where [...]

Thithi Review

As always… I’m late to the party… as always. It’s three years after Thithi been released. And, this movie was freaking awesome. Wait. Let me backup a bit. All the way back.  Question: What the hell is the purpose of a movie? Answer: To tell a story. To entertain. To make a point.  What is […]

Paterson (2016) – A Thothful Movie Review

Paterson… I thought… (this movie could be about a writer, a poet, his struggles with writing; something that would inspire me as writer, with my own struggles, but…) …What would be the best way to convince people that this incredibly slow-paced – deliberately mundane – almost unintentionally, deeply philosophical – movie, is a must must must-watch-before-you-die […]

Beyond the Clouds Movie Review – By Thoth the thinking movie monk

Spoiler: The first rule of Movie Monks is that, we only review movies that we absolutely love, and believe worthy of word count. So, I thought… (I know I’ve see Children of Heaven, which was so beautiful and sweet – that it hurt, but…) … I didn’t know what to expect or to anticipate, as […]

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