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SONI Movie Review (2018) – The Movie that needs you!

So I watched Soni, the Netflix Original, after my fellow monk Confusious told me and I quote him – “Watch the goddamn movie”. Taking a cue from such important and honest advice, I couldn’t resist… Watching Soni, Abusing the shit out of Confusious for giving me such pointless dramatic advice. And so I reached home, [...]

Ready Player One – Movie Review

I hate pauses, especially the ones that occur while watching films. My fellow monks @Sarco and @Thoth pause scenes and make a good 2 hour film into a 4 hour snoozefest. But no matter how much me and @confusious try to butt in, time is never on our side. But for once, (and I hope […]

Da 5 Bloods Review

  BLOODLUST – OR BLOOD FIRST?   Blood  /blʌd/ Dictionary Definition: The red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body? Or maybe it’s– “West side Piru, I love this shit BloodElm street to the Fruits yeah I [...]

Sonchiriya (2019) Review

Now I tend to call myself a realist. I call a spade a spade and don’t mind admitting I particularly despise manual labour (especially when it involves spades). So, when you tell me there’s a Bollywood movie called “Sonchiraiya”– which apparently translates to “Golden Bird” – playing in theatres, I’m neither impressed nor curious. And […]

The Vast of the Night Review

The Vast of the Night: There is something up in the sky   There are some movies that are so good, so realistic, that you can actually believe the story. The Vast of the Night is one of them. And, do you want to hear the truth? The truth that has been hiding with us all [...]

Breathless (1960) Review

No doubt the Corr’s song Breathless did leave everyone breathless and… wait, what site is this?  Movie Monks - Honest to God Reviews - movie reviews. Crap.  I don’t mean the Breathless by the Corrs! What I meant was Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard.  This French movie is the definition of the French New Wave Cinema [...]

Paterson (2016) – A Thothful Movie Review

Paterson… I thought… (this movie could be about a writer, a poet, his struggles with writing; something that would inspire me as writer, with my own struggles, but…) …What would be the best way to convince people that this incredibly slow-paced – deliberately mundane – almost unintentionally, deeply philosophical – movie, is a must must must-watch-before-you-die […]

Beyond the Clouds Movie Review – By Thoth the thinking movie monk

Spoiler: The first rule of Movie Monks is that, we only review movies that we absolutely love, and believe worthy of word count. So, I thought… (I know I’ve see Children of Heaven, which was so beautiful and sweet – that it hurt, but…) … I didn’t know what to expect or to anticipate, as […]

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